Saturday, July 7, 2012

Why there won't be an after...

Typically when one is trying to lose weight gained over time and get in better shape, you have pictures of the person you were before and the person you are after. Well, there won't be an after for this girl.
When I started this challenge, honestly, it was just to see if I could make it for 2 weeks. I never thought I'd make it through all 6. When week 3 started, I thought, "you can do this for 2 weeks again!" and so I did. Right now, I'm 8 weeks into my journey.
What I am doing is not a diet. Diet is such an ugly word. What I am doing  have done is changed the way I feel and think about food. It's not the center of my universe. It is my energy, my fuel, my sidekick, not my comfort. Comfort is lower numbers on the scales and new clothes.While I will definitely take a picture of what I look like when I get to my goal, I won't be calling it my 'after' picture. After is defined by 'following an event or time'. What I am doing is my life now. Its the way I'll always live. I feel awesome from the inside out and no burger or pizza is worth taking that away from me. I don't want to just be thinner, I want to be fit. I want to be healthy- body, mind and soul.
So maybe I'll find a new name for it. Suggestions are always welcome and you're definitely welcome to say 'man, doesn't she look great after losing all that weight!' After is most welcome in that case. :)
18 down...26 to go to fitness goal.

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