Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sweet Potatoes & Spinach...

Today will just be a couple of recipes for you. One for a rockin' side dish and the other for a cripsy, salty yummy snack both made with nutrient packed spinach!

I'll say this all the time, but don't knock something until you try it. We work hard with our kiddos to go outside the walls of chicken nuggets and fries and so trying new things is a part of our lives constantly.
Now, when it comes to sweet potatoes, I adore them. Especially the brown sugar, butter, marshmallow kind. :) But alas, we can't be doing that right now, so here's on to new ways to enjoy their vitamin packed goodness. I was nervous to try a savory version, but after working up some bravery, dove into the recipe below. Not regretting that choice for a moment!

Spinach Garlic Sweet Potato

Medium Baked Sweet Potato (I nuked mind in the microwave to save time)
1 cup of fresh spinach leaves
1 wedge of garlic and herb laughing cow cheese

While potato is 'baking', wilt spinach in a non stick pan without oil. You just want to make them soft. Take your wedge of cheese and mix it in the pan with the spinach until blended together well. Gives you that creamed spinach consistency and flavor.
One the potato is done, top it with your spinach mixture and enjoy! I am a salt lover and didn't have to add any to this at all. (Which is good because the next recipe makes up for it!)

Second is a recipe for oven baked spinach chips. There is a trend right now using Kale for this same idea and it is great as well, but if you're looking for a way to ease into the whole green chips idea, this may be a great place to start. I am loving Pinterest right now for discovering new foods and that is exactly where I found these Spinach Chips
Best part? My kids LOVE them! Problem? Terribly addicting and it's hard to not eat them all :)

And finally, for dinner tonight we tried another something new. Tuna Burgers! I'm not a huge tuna fan, but I also know that Tuna packs a lot of good for ya stuff without a lot of junk, so I want to find ways to like it. I used this recipe ( Tuna Burger Recipe ) with a few changes. First I left out the sour cream and now that I've eaten, I'm not sure what it would have added taste wise. I replaced it with a wedge of garlic herb Laughing Cow cheese spread on the toasted English muffin. We also swapped dry coleslaw mix for the romaine. It gave the burger the perfect texture. If you're a fan of a little bit of bite, I totally recommend adding sliced pepperocinis on top of your burger. Makes the burger in my opinion and if you prepare it the way I did, you're having a super tasty, fully satisfying burger that is actually good for you!

Hope you're eating well today!

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