Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This is NOT a weight loss blog....

But I'm losing weight! :D
By this not being a weight loss blog, I mean that it's central focus won't be around weight loss. It will be about everything under the sun. You can be certain you'll get a heft dose of randomness here. It's what I'm best at. :)
Today though, I'm going to share it is going to be about weight loss!
Today is my first weigh in day in my new way of eating. As I mentioned in a prior post, I am following a plan that Coach Lee with Scentsy has laid out, so my results come from that plan. It's very simple, but is definitely requiring thought and dedication. As Coach says, if you're going to lose weight, either do it or don't. No excuses!
I've been anxious for today all week. I needed to see loss to vindicate the things I passed over and the decisions I made. While we ate great all week (and by great I mean yummy!), there were still moments I wanted a sweet something like a delicious strawberry shortcake or salty hot fries. I will be able to have these things in a modified way after this week, but remember, first 2 weeks are no whites (sugar, bread, potato, rice).
So are you ready??
Drum roll please...... my first week weigh in has me down 7 lbs!! WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!! Totally worth skipping 'not worth it' foods!
Outside of taking care of myself through my foods, I also walked 3 days in the last week.
I love the motivation this loss brings. I'm ready to get up and go play which is to the glee of my two littles. Katie especially loves walking with me in the evenings. We chat about all sorts of things and have lots of laughs. Double benefit if you ask me! Abby likes it for the first block and then thinks she needs to be carried. No dice!

Before I leave this post, I'll leave you with another eating tip! If you have to eat out, which is definitely trickier when trying to eat well, here are two 'better for you' choices you can make.

Taco Bell- 2 Fresco Chicken Soft Tacos and 1 Fresco Pinto Beans - 430 calories & 10 grams of fat
Popeye's- Naked Chicken Basket - 3 really yummy naked chicken tenders, green beans, and a baguette - 300 calories & 7 grams of fat

Happy Eating!

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