Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What this blog is not...

I thought before I began that it would be smart to share with you what this blog is not. Odd, I know, but I feel like my purpose here is different than with most. So, here we go! This blog is not… Meant to change your life. I’m no expert. I’m not studied in most of what I’ll write about. What I will write is what is on my heart or on my mind. Sometimes it will be the crazy that is in my every day life. Sometimes it will be the moments of ‘aha’ that I find in my spiritual walk. Sometimes it will be the ‘yummy’ moments as I work towards a healthier me and sometimes that means it will be the ‘not so yummy’ moments. This blog will not… Give you all the answers. I’m not a doctor, nutritionist, politician, Biblical scholar, family counselor, CEO, psychiatrist, or superhero. I am a mom with 2 little girls, a husband, a home, a business and a journey of purpose with my God. This blog isn’t intended to… Keep my family updated on all the happenings in our lives. While it may do that in it’s course, it is really just an outlet of sorts. A way to me to connect to you. For us to share moments of strength, self confidence, pride, self worth, and successes, but to then in turn also share those of failure, hurdles, bumps in the road, moments of defeat and disappointment. This blog WILL be… Honest. I’m sharing my heart and mind. I won’t make excuses for how I’m feeling. I’ll own up to my actions, apologize when I’m wrong and listen when I need to. I’m not here to show a ‘fake me’ or hide behind a pretty blog layout. Now, if that didn’t scare you off, we should be friends. Really though, I felt it so important to be real from day one. I hope that some part of this new adventure does touch someone in some way. Even if it’s just to help them realize they aren’t the only one who thinks they way they think or feels the way they feel or struggles the way they struggle. So if you’re willing to walk with me, feel free to subscribe to the left and off we will go! Amanda

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